MenderCon 2023

May 10, 2023

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About MenderCon


A full day focused on modernizing and improving software systems. From the smallest apps, to the biggest enterprise monoliths. Find your tribe and learn here.

Virtual Unconference

At this conference, the attendees get to create the bulk of the schedule on the fly. And because staring at a screen watching endless presentations from your home isn't a ton of fun, we're going to encourage attendees to create a variety of different session types.

Your Tribe

You're not alone! There are other people just like you who enjoy working on existing codebases. Meet them here. Make friends. Expand your network.


MenderCon is a virtual event that's being hosted on the Hopin platform. You get to attend from the location of your choice, while still getting some of the benefits of attending a conference in person. You'll get to meet new people, have great conversations, see some amazing talks, and create your own sessions.